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I was about nine years old when I discovered Engelbert, my Mom got a three tape set of his music on 8-Track, which just goes to prove how old I am. I fell in love with that soothing gorgeous voice.

I never really got into the swing of things with my own generation.

In high school I was on a school trip and we had some time to waste so we hit the mall. I was in the music store with my history teacher and found Engelbert's greatest hits in the bargain bin. This was pretty cool as I had worn out my cassette of it and was in despair. My joy at finding a replacement was immense! My teacher went up to the counter at the same time as I did and he sat his purchase on the counter next to mine. The clerk came up and picked up my cassette and asked my teacher if that would be cash or charge. I laughed and told him I didn't even know who that guy on the album was and that the cassette was mine. (I was sixteen at the time)

The clerk looked puzzled, took my money and then rang up the vinyl for my teacher. He was buying Billy Idol's newest release.

We laughed about that for a long time.

I won't be seeing Englebert any time soon, but promise you will have fun in Tucson for me.

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